The foundation governors are appointed by the Archdiocese of Cardiff with the support of their local parishes. The Head Teacher has an option to be a Governor and the Governors are pleased that Mr Blackwell exercises this option. The teaching and non-teaching governors are elected within school; the parent governors are elected by the parents and guardians of children attending the school. The Local Authority Governors are selected by the Vale of Glamorgan council.

The role of the Governing Body is to provide strategic advice and guidance to the Head Teacher and the school management team on the direction in which we want the school to go. The day to day operation of the school is the responsibility of the Head Teacher, not the Governing Body.

The governors oversee the budget for school, over £3.5m per year, and make decisions on where the priorities lie. The costs of operating the school are met by the Local Education Authority but for building work, as a Voluntary Aided School the governors and the Archdiocese are required to make a significant contribution to the costs. This funding is mainly raised from voluntary contributions by the parents when they join in such schemes as the school weather lottery and/or where they make a small monthly contribution to the school.

The governors have a keen interest in the pastoral and curriculum aspects of the school. This is an important part of the governors’ role as we are involved in reviewing the school’s academic results annually.

Parents can contact the governors, via the school office, at any time.

Paul McLoughlin

The Governing Body of St Richard Gwyn Catholic High School, as of November 2023, is comprised of 17 Governors. They are:

NameType of GovernorPosition
Mr. P. McLoughlin Foundation GovernorChair of Governors
Dr. M. PriceFoundation GovernorVice Chair of Governors
Mr. S. TriggFoundation Governor
Mrs. E. McGivernFoundation Governor
VacantFoundation Governor
Mrs. K. HarrisFoundation Governor
Mrs. A. FulgoniFoundation Governor
Mrs. L. MillsFoundation Governor
Mr. D. BlackwellHead Teacher
Mr. D. WilliamsLocal Authority
Mrs. K. EvansLocal Authority
Mrs. L. EvansTeacher Governor
Mrs. R. EllisTeacher Governor
Mrs. K. ClarkNon-Teacher Governor
Mr. D. HillierParent Governor
Mr. N. ClawsonParent Governor
Mrs. E. TurnerParent Governor